Adopt a Monarch Butterfly Caterpillar

We are having our caterpillars again!  Join us as we learn about the life cycle of butterflies with your own caterpillar.  A $5.00 donation will adopt one of the larvae, that you can watch grow at the library!  Think of a special name for your butterfly that we will put on your butterfly jar. After it emerges from a chrysalis, we will tag it, and you can release your butterfly to make the long journey south.

We will also have a Butterfly Tea in September, so stay tuned!


How can you help the library?

When you consider the organizations in the community to support, please remember the Library and our children’s programs.  Monetary gifts are the best, but we also greatly appreciate the gift of simple consumables.  Items welcomed include glue sticks, markers, googly eyes, pop-poms, construction paper and other craft supplies.  Volunteering for special events is also a great way to help your library!

Thank you for your support in advance! – Miss Amy and Loraine

Thank You!!

Thank you to the generous supporters of children’s books and programs: Stock the Stacks donors, and individual members.

We appreciate all you’ve done for the children and families of our greater community! Also, thank you to all our wonderful volunteers who have donated their time in so many ways this year!

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