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CANCELLED: Anita Shreve Author Event May 2

We have just heard that Anita Shreve has had to cancel her book tour due to health reasons. Shreve was to have visited the Camden Public Library for a reading and discussion of her new book The Stars are Fire on May 2. She posted on her Facebook site:

A Note from Anita Shreve:
This is a hard post to write. I have so been looking forward to going on book tour for my new novel, The Stars are Fire, and had hoped to meet many of you on my travels. But now I have a medical emergency that will make it impossible to do. I will be undergoing chemotherapy this spring, and while I will see many of you on subsequent tours, I’m afraid it won’t be this time. I am heartbroken that I can’t do it, but it would thrill me to hear from you as I recover. Please write and post and let me know what you think of The Stars are Fire, a novel that is dear to my heart, and which I had so looked forward to talking to you about in person. I hope reading it will bring you as much pleasure as writing it brought me.

Shreve also added, in a note to the Camden Public Library, “I am so sorry to miss my tour for The Stars are Fire.  I was looking forward to going out on the road and launching my first novel with Knopf, and am beyond disappointed that I must cancel it.  As you now know, I will be undergoing chemotherapy this spring, making it impossible for me to travel (and in fact, go much of anywhere at all — I will be at risk of infection, so am under strict doctor’s orders).  I know how hard you and everyone involved worked to organize this event and drum up excitement for my visit, and I just wanted to offer a special thank you for everything you did to welcome me and to make a tour stop possible.  I know well the good work that libraries and bookstores do to spread the word to readers, and I have always been, and remain, truly grateful for your support.  I hope to meet you on a subsequent tour when I will be able to express my appreciation in person.


About the book:

The fires started during the first week of October.  After a summer-long drought, they broke out near Bar Harbor and soon were burning out of control, racing down the Maine coast.  Eventually over two hundred fires raged, consuming a quarter of a million acres of forest and wiping out nine entire towns.  The year 1947 became known as “the Year Maine Burned.”

Anita Shreve, the New York Times best-selling author of The Weight of Water and The Pilot’s Wife (an Oprah’s Book Club selection), brings this devastating event to life in a riveting story of friendship, love, and survival: THE STARS ARE FIRE (Knopf, 4/18/17).  Exquisitely suspenseful, this new novel introduces us to Grace Holland, an extraordinary young woman tested by catastrophe.

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